Inalum Helps Tackle N. Sumatra Power Outages


Aluminum producer PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminium (Inalum) has supplied 105 megawatts (MW) of electricity to help tackle power outages often occurring in areas across North Sumatra recently.

Inalum president director Sahala Sijabat said Inalum provided the electricity supply for free as the company cared about the power crisis affecting the province. The electricity had been channeled to areas in North Sumatra since Nov.28 last year until now.

“This is part of Inalum’s commitment to help as much as possible in resolving the electricity crisis in the province,” he told The Jakarta Poston Wednesday.

Besides North Sumatra, Sijabat said, Inalum had also provided 1.5 MWs of electricity to state electricity company PLN in Porsea, Humbang Hasundutan regency.

He said Inalum’s ability to supply electricity for North Sumatra and PLN Porsea was due to its well-performing power plants and Lake Toba’s high water level.

“Eight units of power plant turbines owned by Inalum are working well while Lake Toba’s water level is in good condition,” said Sijabat.

Inalum now has two hydro power plants (PLTA) located along Asahan River, the only river that channels Lake Toba’s water to the Strait of Malacca.

They are PLTA Sigura-gura with a capacity of 286 MW and PLTA Tangga with a capacity of 317 MW. Each power plant has four units of generators.

Sijabat said Inalum planned to build new power plants to achieve its aluminu

A steam-fueled power plant (PLTU) with a capacity of 600 MW will be built in North Sumatra.m production target of 650,000 tons per year from the current capacity of 260,000.

“The PLTU construction project is still at the feasibility study stage. It is hoped the study can start this year,” said Sijabat.

Ref: The Jakarta Post