Maintenance, Repairs, & Overhaul

Preventative and predictive maintenance services
●  Dynamic balancing
●  Laser alignment
●  Vibration analysis and monitoring
●  Full mechanical overhaul and electrical rewind
●  Full load testing

KGE Engineering offers a suite of preventative and predictive maintenance techniques which can help to ensure that your plant is running efficiently, minimising reactive maintenance and repair costs and reducing energy consumption and the associated costs.

Preventative techniques include dynamic balancing of motors, fans, generators and all other types of rotating equipment and laser alignment of shafts connected via a coupling. For predictive maintenance, techniques such as vibration analysis, ultrasound and thermography are used to diagnose both mechanical and electrical problems.

We also offers a full repair service including electrical rewind and mechanical overhaul, as well as onsite support including installation and condition monitoring.

We have dedicated support staff to help you understand the changing legislation, and to advise on the best combination of motor and drive technology for specific applications.